Interning with EDSA || EARTH DAY EARTH DAY!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! / by Victoria DeWitt

This lovely week of April includes a very special day. One day of the week that we really all should celebrate each and every day, Earth Day! Such a green week!

Throughout the year, EDSA likes to help out the community and overall well being of our planet. Previously, the Gray Studio had put time into cleaning up the beaches during spring break. We filled at least ten extra large garbage bags full of trash. Surprisingly the spring breakers even helped us out, they were very grateful for our activity and insured us that they would stop littering. It was a very happy day! But this week's blog is about Earth Day and our special Earth Day activity, paddle boarding!!!

The canals of Fort Lauderdale that are surrounded by busy streets and larger parks and homes are quite dirty. It's unbelievable the amount of waste that is thrown into the water out of peoples pure laziness. IT MAKES ME SICK. I don't understand how people can be so naive about the damage they are truly doing to our Mother. Enough negativity. Let's focus on the positive times of us having a truly one of a kind trash picking experience. It was my very first time paddle boarding. I did not fall but our butterfly nets and home depot buckets were pretty challenging to use no matter how easy we made it all look. We filled our buckets!!! No matter how big or small our trash was- we still made a difference. Carson and James picked out two huge road signs and cones, Kona was the lucky winner of a giant trash bag floating through the water and the rest of us had your typical nastiness.

Each and every day people should be cautious of what they don't recycle or throw away, if we would all just help out.. it would make a HUGE difference. Luckily as a landscape architect I can put eco friendly and sustainable systems into my projects. Its great to see every day activities inspire my career. :) 

Here are some awesome pictures of the Grey Studio celebrating Earth Day (in style of course)!!!