Be Excellent. Be Excellent to One Another & Most Definitely Be Excellent to Yourself.

That is one thing I was lucky enough to hear every day at home, and fortunate enough to envisage and endure ever since I left.


My name is Victoria DeWitt and I am a fourth year Landscape Architecture Student at Iowa State University.

Recently my passion to be excellent has turned a whole new leaf. ha ha. I have found a new passion for ecological design. I want to design systems that are sustainable to improve the earth we live in today, by doing that I hope to make a positive impact. You are probably wondering how I got to this point in my career, finally narrowing down to a more specific aspect within Landscape Architecture, and man will I tell you, it has been quite the adventure.

Prior to Landscape Architecture, my love for art drove me. Painting, ceramics, sculpting, photography, street art, and anything that showed expression or impacted someone in any way was something I could never get enough of. Museums and the beautiful colors in gardens around me inspired me greatly. I found myself always making large pieces, something you could not walk by without noticing, that is when I realized my love for Architecture. You are in the landscape, you can't miss it.

My career in Landscape Architecture at Iowa State University has provided endless opportunities and experiences. From traveling for six weeks with a bunch of strangers through the wild wild west, claiming hotel lobbies as studios for the night (and I mean the entire night), trumping across campus no matter what the weather condition is to learn the many plants that our lovely campus hosts, to our yearly program meeting to simply see what everyone in the program has been up to. Every second spent has definitely been worth it and the saying, you learn something new every day is definitely a fact.

I'm Tori.